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Managing operations out of Sydney, High Snaps conducts work for clients across Australia. Our national network of highly qualified, certified drone operators enable us to provide commercial aerial inspections and data analysis services - quickly and accurately, helping companies plan and execute their projects more efficiently and cost effectively with people on the ground ready to fly at any time.

Ryan - CEO and Chief Pilot

Ryan is the Founder and CEO of High Snaps. He is a certified chief pilot holding a Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) and Remote Pilot License (RePL) allowing him to fly in CASA regulated flight zones and drones up to sub 25kg category.

Ryan has a wealth of experience in the field with vast knowledge in the construction and asset management industries. His expertise in the construction process and building infrastructure and maintenance provides an extra advantage in his data capture approach and output. In conjunction with this Ryan holds valuable strategic partnerships with land surveyors, architects and leading hardware and software providers so that he can offer his clients the most superior end-to-end solution.

Ryan believes the drone business is all about data first and foremost. The drone itself is just a tool to get it. Using drone technology enables his clients to make impactful decisions and smarter choices that directly increase value and efficiency.

Renee - Marketing Director

Most recently, Renee has ventured into the world of aerial and drone technologies as one of the founding directors of High Snaps. Keen to showcase how businesses can benefit from the accuracy and affordability of drone technologies, Renee is using her marketing background to connect businesses with this evolving solution.


Renee is a marketing and communications professional with over 13 years experience across big name brands such as Vivendi Activation, Electronic Arts, Nespresso, Woolmark and Newell Brands (which included sub brands such as Coleman, Contigo, and Esky to name a few). 

Renee has a passion for technology and the opportunities it can bring to business. From establishing long standing social media campaigns in the early days of these emerging platforms, to building end-to-end e-commerce solutions, she has a knack for utilising new technologies to connect with the customer, wherever they are.

Will - Pilot

With over 6 years UAV piloting experience, Will is well versed with flying both consumer and FPV drones. Specialising in aerial photography and videography, his skills extend to post production editing and aerial art. His flying and product knowledge is second to none which has lead him to many opportunities including the management of the DJI ARS store- World Square.

Alongside his super knowledge of commercial drones, Will dedicates his spare time to building his very own drones from scratch, giving him even more insight into the world of drone mechanics and engineering.

Will believes drones will be essential to the future of search and rescue, emergency and defence operations as they add a level of safety, by replacing the need for human intervention in risky situations.

Jason - Pilot

Jason has been flying drones for over 5 years and has a wealth of knowledge in consumer and enterprise drones through his management of DJI Store ARS.

Jason’s UAV Operations skill are specialised in videography, photography and mapping. A drone hobbyist at heart and FPV flying Enthusiast his interests extend beyond flying into building custom racing and freestyle drones. He is well armed with all the qualifications necessary to make him an exceptional pilot including; Remote Pilot License. (RePL) - Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot - Visual Line of Site) and Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate. (AROC)

Jason believes drones are the way of the future, and will become fundamental in helping a variety of industries including medical, defence, civilian operations and natural disasters. His passionate about sharing knowledge of UAV's to a wider audience and educating consumers and companies on a drones endless capabilities in this new era of unmanned flight.

Tiaki - Pilot

Tiaki’s involvement with drones began in 2016 when he first started piloting his own UAV for filming purposes. Pursing this interest resulted in his completion in a diploma in Film and TV in 2018. This background lead him to fulfilling a senior position at DJI store ARS, where he currently manages the operations of stores in Brisbane.

His noticeable achievements over his employment period include his contribution to building contacts and customer base within the Brisbane region, pioneering expansion into new market platforms, and assisting in the expansion of operations within Queensland.

Flying drones is Tiaki’s passion, he believes UAV technology will open new possibilities for traditional industries by creating project efficiencies and optimise the way teams work. By leveraging aerial imagery and data capture, he believes drones will help businesses achieve significant cost savings and meet project timelines.

Nathan - Creative Director

With a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication majoring in advertising design, photography and illustration, Nathan started his career as a traditional and digital illustrator

He's worked extensively with L'Oreal Luxury Brands single handedly completing over 350 national campaigns over 8 years, and Nespresso shooting and designing artwork for over 60 national campaigns, and several with Nespresso Global. He illustrated a series of travel books published in Australia, the UK and USA and designed characters for educational books.

Now a Creative Director of NPW Studios and High Snaps, Nathan looks after multi-platform design, photography and video production. He specialises in product and brand activation campaigns, including developing advertising content, brand communication, packaging, social and broadcasted media.