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September | 2020 Published on: www.australianaviation.com.au

Imagine monitoring a construction site or inspecting an asset without leaving the comfort of your desk? Well, imagine no more. With the power of drones, we can now collect high resolution aerial imagery and survey-grade data and turn it into a digital replica that can be completely navigated and inspected virtually. This allows interaction with a lifelike 3D model of an asset by rotating it 360 degrees either way, and zooming at 1mm of detail to an exact point of interest, helping you immediately identify issues, defects, and changes

We are dedicated to changing the way businesses monitor their assets and track construction site progress. We do this by providing visual and survey-grade data sets that provide meaningful business intelligence and transform workflows, saving volumes of time and money. Our team of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) drone pilots are 100 per cent compliant, holding CASA certifications, Remote Pilot Licences, and public liability insurances. With skilled pilots posted in every state Australia-wide we are able to provide data capturing services to a wide range of industries quickly and affordably.


Aerial data can help developers follow plans more efficiently by capturing, measuring, and monitoring site progressions from the sky at every project milestone. By using highly specialised drone software, we are able to overlay existing design drawings on top of geo-referenced high- resolution orthomosaic to verify placement of structural features and earth works, cranes and equipment clearances, and prevent mistakes from being made on the ground.



One of our biggest challenges in the drone industry is educating our customers that drones are more than just a toy or high-tech hobby. Our fleet of DJI enterprise drones are equipped with RTK (real-time kinematic) positioning, which delivers survey-grade centimetre accuracy, high resolution calibrated cameras, thermal imaging sensors, lidar technology, obstacle avoidance detection and so much more. With these drones we are helping teams transform the way they work, by providing them with intelligent tools that expand their capabilities and enable them to keep projects on schedule, in budget and, most importantly, people away from danger.


So, how do we do it? How do we get such rich data just by flying a drone in the sky? Our chief pilots at High Snaps are highly methodical with their flight setup and techniques. They fly in a predetermined and repeatable pattern across a building, facade or construction site, stitching together hundreds of high-resolution images with an 80 per cent overlap on each picture to form an accurate vision of the site that can be inspected at millimetre detail. We call this photogrammetry. Once the data has been collected, it then goes through a powerful cloud-based processing suite. This is where the magic happens - a comprehensive high-resolution geo-referenced image data set gets interpreted into a digestible format, giving teams complete insight into their assets and site conditions. High Snaps has strategically partnered with industry leading technology companies, which has allowed us to use a powerful suite of tools to help inspect and monitor assets, analyse defects and deliver detailed reports to our clients.

Our philosophy is built on effective information sharing. Aligning company and stakeholder direction by virtually placing everyone “onsite” through a centralised portal, giving them the ability to effectively discuss, share information, and view the full picture in real time online. We can then preserve a perfect record of a project, at every stage of its life cycle, providing a variety of features that allows our clients to continually monitor their portfolios remotely. Through our software partners we give our clients full access to inspection data —anytime, anywhere - where they can benefit from the following features:

  1. Ability to pin notes and make full mark-ups directly onto 3D models;

  2. Accurately measure distance, area, heights, and slopes of an asset; and

  3. Compare data sets and track changes zooming in at defects and monitoring trends.


We continually help organisations manage growing expectations for innovation and shrinking budgets. Outdated modes of data capture can be inefficient, time consuming and often results in poor data integrity. Drone technology offers the complete opposite. It is fast, safe and affordable - providing aerial visuals, measurements and analytics, all at your fingertips for quick decisions. The High Snaps team are here to help you get started. Talk to us about how we can help you use drones to streamline inspections, monitor site progress, increase worker and customer safety, comply with regulations and more. Or if you’re unsure of how drones can be used in your business but would like to learn more, give us a call anyway and have a chat with one of your expert pilots, we love what we do and love talking about it too.


Deploying drones to search out and monitor developing issues instead of discovering them only when they have become a problem can quickly avoid costly repairs or replacements and reduce exposure to risks. High Snaps can help asset managers understand exactly what condition their asset is in down to the smallest tile, brick, and crack. We can create a centimetre-accurate digital twin of a building or structure, making it accessible for virtual inspection through a cloud-based software.


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