Partnership Announcement with Sky5

High Snaps is proud to announce our partnership with Sky5. Sky5 is one of Australia’s leading commercial access solutions and facade maintenance providers.

We bring this partnership to you as the next technological step in the future of asset inspections, façade inspections, roof inspections, and full 360 internal and external digital inspections allowing access to powerful rich data to empower tactical and insightful decisions for any situation. High Snaps will work with Sky5 to ensure the safety of their team first and foremost, sending a drone to inspect and evaluate the asset first and bring high resolution visual information back to repair team for next steps.

The power of the “Digital Twin” for any asset, internal & external!

Digital Twin is the term associated to a digital copy, taking the reality and generating it virtually! Not only creating a digital twin of a full building, façade, internals of a facility, but doing so with survey grade accuracy!

To capture and digitise an asset in a point of time, will allow so many opportunities to use the data,

· Accessing high risk, hard to reach areas

· Monitor conditions of building down to mm level of detail

· Compare digital twins like for like over time

· Export survey grade data to allow design of future upgrades

· Monitor plant machinery on roof tops

· Monitor health of facades

· Increase efficiency and delivery of repairs, by identifying areas before physical contact is required

· Generate powerful rich reporting to enable collaboration and monitoring

· The list goes on and on…..

All possible from a detailed 3D virtual model of any asset, easily accessible and inspectable from any connected device via secure cloud-based systems!

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